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Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards, Cheese Slicers etc...

We make Decorative Boards with our art or yours.  We engrave or place Inlays in our boards, we also sell them as plain boards.  We have two styles the first is a single wood base board and the second is a multi-wood base board.  We preseason our boards with food safe mineral oil.

Cheese Board001.jpg

Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer is a multi wood base board. We take 2, 3 or 4 pieces of wood and glue them together to make one board

Cheese Slicers Start at $29.00 then up

to $69.00 


Inlay Cheese Slicer

This is also a multi wood base board 2 types of wood. The artwork of the Dolphin is an inlay.

Cheese Slicers Start at $29.00 then up to $69.00 


Engraved Cheese Slicer

This is a multi wood base board 3 types of wood, The artwork of the Dolphins is laser engraved.

Cheese Slicers Start at $29.00 then up to $69.00 

We Also have single wood boards, which come as engraved or Inlays



We accept custom orders, your artwork or ours.

Each Board is unique, color, lightness or darkness of the wood can be different in the same species of wood.



Walnut board.jpg


We use several different species of wood. Our most Popular are Oak, Walnut, Paducah and Purple heart

Boards starting at $25.00


Wireless Phone Chargers

Perfect Gift for that Executive!

Can be Laser engraved.

Only $75.00

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